Professional work: website content, service pages, blogging, articles and more

sometimes, the only way out is through…

I work with Envision Marketing, located in Las Vegas, NV, creating service pages and blog posts for their many clients, as well as various other projects upon request.

Some of these projects include:

I worked with CloudRadial, an MSP industry-adjacent, software development firm that was in the process of piloting new ideas for the MSP industry as a whole and individual MSPs in particular. Some of these included:

A blog on one of the unique features of their software: https://blog.cloudradial.com/status-workflows

A pillar page, which I co-authored alongside the CEO, Jeff Farris: 


…and a wide variety of items, which were in the publication process when I left.

I contracted with WENmedics, a cosmetics and skincare company, for two months from September to November 2021, and during that time wrote much of the website pages, especially the product descriptions, as well as all of the labeling and product information for its packaging. Here is some of the work I completed for this client:

Advance PM Moisturizer product description: https://wenmedics.com/advance-pm-moisturizer/

Hydrating Marine Cream Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid products description: https://wenmedics.com/hydrating-marine-cream-cleanser-with-hyaluronic-acid/

15 Black Friday Skin Tips & Tricks: https://wenmedics.com/10061-2/

About Us page: https://wenmedics.com/about-us/

I worked on the Content Marketing Team at Madwire, LLC from October 2019 to July 2021. Here are some samples of the work I completed while there:

Arrogant Girls Only Signature Collection, product descriptions:

The Legends Luxury Apartments, long-form page build:

Specialized Pet Solutions, long-form page build:

Keeping Your Dog Happy, Healthy and Pain-Free

Senior Medicaid Law Overview entire section, including  infographics and blog posts for Goldberg & Associates, an Atlanta-area elder law attorney:

https://www.goldbergestateplanning.com/ (main site, for which I wrote several pages and many blog posts. I’m especially proud of my work on these pages and posts.

https://www.goldbergestateplanning.com/medicaid-law/ (under “Medicaid Resources”; I wrote all of the resources under this tab) 

Scripts for these videos for Kern Turf Supply:

(I also created the voice over for the second video)

Script for Ring Sizing Video for Riddles Jewelry:

I wrote this blog post and storyboarded this infographic for Early Ivy Education:

At Intelligence is Sexy, I had the opportunity to create articles from a wide variety of sources, research, topics, and jumping-off points. I worked for this company from 2015-2019.

Please feel free to view my work here: https://iheartintelligence.com/author/dondi-leigh/

Award-winning photographer Joseph Deats hired me to write various marketing materials for him in April 2013.

Copy for a new photography package being offered to Denver area realtors, spring 2013:

Luminance Tours & Joseph Deats Photography is excited to announce the introduction of 1-Hour HDR: a photo package to help target potential buyers on their time and sell the house on your way TO the house.

While this package will not best fit all listings, it is designed to provide brokers with a handful of shots well-suited for e-mailing buyers’ agents almost immediately following a shoot. Our feedback has shown that a significant number of homes are coming under contract before photo tours can even be created. 1-hour Express HDR addresses this rare market opportunity by making a sampling of images available within 1 hour of the end of the shoot. You’ll still get gorgeous shots and high-quality images designed to wow potential buyers: we never compromise on quality.  

With 1-hour HDR you’ll get optimized results for a uniquely aggressive market. This package gives you the option of receiving up to five images edited on-site during the shoot. Images are available within 1 hour, virtually eliminating wait times. Increased accessibility to your shoot means faster viability for marketing the home. Please note the parameters as outlined below. While this package is not for every home, single-family capacity homes or small condos best maximize the features available. We provide low-resolution images ideal for emailing to prospective buyers’ agents. We suggest choosing this package when you KNOW it will be a quick sale.

1-Hour HDR:

5 Photo Package – $100

Attract buyers’ agents instantly with a handful of interior and exterior shots that best showcase the home. Not recommended for larger homes.

-Photos are edited on-site and available instantly

-Photos will be emailed to the agent upon specification

-Includes only low-resolution photos, optimal for e-mailing and quickly viewing

Should you still feel that one of our full tour packages better suits your needs for the home, you’re eligible to receive a $25 discount on the full tour package price of the property. *Full tour shoot must be scheduled within 14 days of HDR shoot to receive discounted pricing.*

After reviewing one of his websites I also rewrote his “About” page. Mr. Deats chose to use my content for it. I rewrote some of the content but left parts intact; Mr. Deats defined his philosophies well and these parts I left alone. My work is contained within the quotation marks below and also on Mr. Deats’ website:

“Simply, I’m a visual creative. I allow my photography to speak for me. The disciplines and styles I use explore a photographic panoply. Within these concentrations, I’m completely confident and, at the same time, extremely terrified. I feel every photographer feels this way, dances this line so carefully.

For me, photography is an expression of controlled chaos. Every step the artist takes to make a photo perfect belies an element of surprise, however subtle. I love that. Photography is an instinctive expression of the symbiotic relationship between photographer and subject. The human species relies strongly upon visual imprinting to catalog experience; a photograph is an attempt to capture this prehensile impression on memory. A photograph is more than setting up lights, positioning a subject, and clicking the shutter on a camera. It’s the elegant synchronicity between photographer and subject. I believe this is shown in my photography; this lies at the core of my experience, my world as a visual artist.” So there you have it. ‘About’ me. But before I let you go, I would like to tell you some of my simple philosophies about my photography.

Always be passionate about what you photograph: If I’m not passionate about an assignment, I’ll refer it to another photographer. Lack of passion will translate into the photo, creating uninspired images. (And nobody wants that)

Connect with your subject: Regardless if I’m photographing a table, a fashion model, a scenic, or a full interior, I always connect with my subject first. In connecting with your subject, they will tell you what they want to express and help create the photo for you.

Be humble: Nothing to elaborate, just be humble.

Further projects pending.

Samples of Content for MadWire Media (freelance)

I was hired by MadWire Media (now Madwire LLC) in March of 2012 to create blog postings for roughly 15-20 clients. Posts were to be generated based on specific keywords and related research.

For a periodontist’s office in Beverly Hills:

Taking Care of Women: Dr. Miles Madison, Periodontist

Women have gender-specific health concerns that often lead to a consultation with a periodontist early on in life. Beginning in puberty and lasting throughout their postmenopausal years, women carry differentiated health concerns from those of men due to hormone fluctuations. One such concern is periodontal health. Puberty, menstruation, childbearing and menopause all affect womens’ oral health in specific, concerning ways. Women need to pay special attention to oral health issues as periodontitis can often go unnoticed and therefore untreated throughout their lives. Dr. Miles Madison and his attentive staff work to recognize and focus especially on how hormonal fluctuations are causing or exacerbating any oral health issues with specific sensitivity to periodontitis. If you are experiencing redness, swelling, bleeding or other issues in the gums please, don’t wait. Call us for an appointment today.

For the Loveland Sculpture Invitational:

Loveland Art Shows of Note

For the premier event among Loveland art shows, check out the Loveland Sculpture Invitational. Set at the foot of the Front Range in the beautiful community of Loveland, Colorado, the Loveland Sculpture Invitational is the largest outdoor sculpture event in America. Featuring more than 250 nationally- and internationally-renowned sculptors, the Loveland Sculpture Invitational attracts worldwide acclaim annually. A fantastic event for groups of any size, the Loveland Sculpture Invitational astounds, amazes and inspires. With the idyllic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop the Loveland Sculpture Invitational is a great way for families to spend a long weekend in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. Tickets are going quickly so act now and reserve yours today! We look forward to seeing you there.

Revoni.co.uk (a UK firm, so I wrote in British English):

This was a project I launched with Jack Vershubsky, formerly of HugeMedium, who asked me to research and write about birthstones for this website in 2011.

April – Diamonds (long-form web page sample)

The hardest gemstone, forged by billions of years of pressure during the Earth’s youth, possibly the most precious stone in the world, April birthdays are celebrated with the inescapably beautiful diamond. Its very name in Greek–‘adamas’–means “unbreakable”; the Greeks, in fact, thought diamonds were so beautiful and invincible that they must be the crystallised teardrops of the gods. The diamond defines the highest rating-10-on the Mohs scale of hardness, and it’s commonly known that only another diamond can scratch or cut a diamond. 

Diamonds have been prized throughout history for their power, hardness, and beauty. The Sufi poet Hafiz remarked that “the rainbow is confined in a diamond forever”. In the Renaissance period diamonds were first used in engagement rings, though the DeBeers marketing campaign of the 20th century started the American standard of giving a diamond as an engagement ring. Also the anniversary stone of the 10th and 60th wedding anniversaries, diamonds are frequently used to mark special occasions between couples. The quality of the diamond is judged by the 4 C’s: cut, colour, carat and clarity. Diamonds are worth more that have the best cut (proper faceting or cutting of the diamond reveals the most brightness, fire and scintillation or sparkle), are as clear and colourless  as possible, are as clear and colourless  as possible, weigh the most (carat), and have the fewest internal inclusions (better clarity). Each of these components has its own scale: the Cut scale ranges from Excellent to Poor, with Very Good, Good and Fair in between. The diamond colour scale starts at D (perfectly colourless) to Z, though stones with a greater colour than M are typically disregarded for colour of any quality. Carat refers to the weight of the stone, and diamonds range from 1/200th of a carat (2 points) to scores or even hundreds of carats (the Hope diamond, for example, weighs 45.52 carats), though the 1-carat solitaire is often the going standard among engagement rings. The higher a diamond ranks on each of the 4 C’s scales, the better quality and more precious a stone it is.

Legends and lore as well as intelligent, practical use of diamonds abound dating to their earliest interactions with human beings in India, somewhere between 3000 to 6000 years ago. Ancient Indian populations saw diamonds as religious icons. Diamonds have been found on every continent and have been used for their hardness to engrave tools dating back to early human history; in fact most of the modern annual diamond supply to date is used for industrial purposes. Insofar as human energetic and proprietary use, however, diamonds have a fascinating history. They have always been associated with winners: they were the talismans for Napoleon, Louis IV and Julius Caesar. In the East when a person is sick, a diamond is placed in a glass of water at their bedside overnight and, in the morning, several sips are to be taken from the glass to strengthen the heart. The mysticism of diamonds is also considered extremely powerful: the diamond is said to unite the mind and body, therefore activating the seventh chakra. Diamonds are thought to improve the wearer’s life in many ways, including improvement of the clarity of mind, calm, inner peace, stop stress, emotional pain and fear, and to protect the owner from negative energies. Throughout history diamonds have been said to protect from thieves, fire, water, poison, illness and sorcery. It would seem that there is very little that the diamond, the hardest stone of them all, the great purifier, protector and healer, cannot help: from one’s environmental difficulties, prosperity, love life and other energetic properties to healing glaucoma, vertigo and stomachaches the diamond has been used throughout history as a balm for many if not all wounds. We invite you to enjoy a luxurious perusal of the beautiful selection of diamond jewelry we have to offer. You’re sure to find a unique piece for that unique individual among our extensive selection.

This is a short description piece I wrote also for Revonico.co.uk:

Offering the best selection of trendy, up-to-date jewellery: from crystalline gemstones and gleaming birthstones to a selection of stylish settings: earrings, pendants, rings and more! FREE shipping, FREE gift boxes, FREE 30-day returns…capture the sparkle you’ve been craving…only at Revoni.

From the “About Us” page:

About Revoni

Revoni is a London-based jewellery manufacturing and retail merchant. While only a little over 4 years old, Revoni only creates the highest- quality jewellery and employs only exceptional staff. All of our gemstones and jewellery are conflict-free and we pride ourselves on our environmentally-friendly standards. Our exceptional staff is treated exceptionally well: we meet all current international regulations for employee safety, health and well-being. 

Our step-by-step jewellery design process includes the hand-fabrication of items as often as possible, though casting or other machining may  be necessary to create that perfect piece. Each piece begins as a concept dreamed up by one of our team of exceptional designers, and the  concept emerges in sketches and proposals put together by the designer for review. The review process sorts out the most exceptional designs  to bring to life. These designs are then re-sketched into more detailed sketches, moulded to create a “master” mould, accounting for space for gemstones and other accents, and sent into production planning to determine the number of pieces to cast. The master mould is then sent to the casting department for casting or to our master goldsmiths for hand-fabrication. Once cast or otherwise created, stones are set as necessary, the pieces are finished by implementing various polishing and finishing methods standard to the jewellery-making industry, and each piece is individually inspected for flawlessness and quality control. The pieces are then gift-boxed and shipped through our distributor directly to  you.

Our Promise

Revoni takes great pride in placing customers first. We will do absolutely anything we can, within reasonable expectations, to keep our users happy and our customers coming back. To this end Revoni offers extremely fast shipping-order turnaround is, on average, about 48 hours-as well as customer service response time. We diversify our ability to respond to customer service inquiries by offering live chat on the site, phone, or email as convenient modes of contact for our customers.

HMC Security, located in London, is now Elite Security. As they are a UK company, I wrote in British English to satisfy their requirements when I wrote the content for much of their site in 2010.

HMC Security Content:

Jack Vershubsky hired me again to create all of the content for HMC Security, a security systems firm in London (it was essential that I wrote in common British English for this, which I’d never done before) in 2009. The site was pretty poorly-written and not SEO-optimized at all when it was given to me. This is some of the content I created for the Residential link on the HMC Security website:

As leading security experts in the greater North London area, HMC Security provides solutions customised to fit your home. When we enter your home, we consider it as carefully as we do our own. Some of the considerations we take into account include:

  • Existing entryways as well as other potential points of entry to include full protection against burglary and theft
  • Accessible exits for all members of your family in case of fire or unexpected intrusion
  • Implementation of effective in-house communication systems, such as room-to-room intercoms, to assist in communication between family members—everyday or in emergency situations
  • Placement of alarm keypads, motion sensors, CCTV cameras and recording devices to make these devices accessible to you, not potential intruders. With a wide variety of stylistic and integrative options available, our CCTV systems can be installed to work within your home’s aesthetic features, making it virtually impossible for burglars and thieves to detect their presence. More traditional-looking cameras often prove effective deterrents on their own, discouraging potential intruders from making your home their next target.
  • Installation of fire protection devices, fire alarms, and smoke detectors

We at HMC Security realise that your family and home are like no other, and that customised solutions are the only way to properly assess your home and determine what your home, and your family’s, needs are. From keyless entry to room-to-room communication systems to state-of-the-art burglar alarms, your home will be as safe and secure as it can be, when you place your security needs in our hands. Contact us today for a free quote, or to schedule an in-home evaluation.

This is the content I wrote for the Commercial page of the HMC site:


Many consider their business as their second home, and at HMC Security we evaluate yours as such. Each and every office, building, business structure and type demands different considerations for protection against theft and fire, and for the safety of its employees, whether they number ten or ten thousand. We meet these demands by careful evaluation of each business’ needs. Two offices next to each other may have vastly diverse needs in terms of security, and we assess each business’ requirements independently to ensure your security…our #1 priority.

Aside from outside intruders, some security vulnerabilities might exist within your company’s framework. As unpleasant as it is to think about, reported employee theft from retailers made up 7% of total thefts in 2009. While this was fairly consistent with statistics from 2008, the value of the items stolen by employees had nearly trebled from the prior years’ statistics. Especially in a business where keeping a watchful eye on every employee is impossible, CCTV implementation allows that watchful eye to roam all over your business’ premises, ensuring your safety from burglars outside as well as potential thieves from within.


HMC Security is the top company in London for CCTV installation, one of the primary factors that business owners should consider in implementing a security system. CCTV systems are effective as both deterrents—for those with visibly noticeable cameras—and primary gatherers of evidence, should your business experience the misfortune of being burglarised. The last thing any thief wants is their face on camera while committing a crime, and our state-of-the-art CCTV systems ensure their desire for anonymity eliminated. Our CCTV systems’ components:

  • Can be highly visible so as to deter thieves as well as carefully concealed to capture any potential theft or intrusion
  • Capture employee behaviour as well, in case of internal theft or other misconduct
  • Include user-friendly, demonstrably effective recording devices for police use in case of a break-in or theft
  • Are installed by our team of highly-trained engineers, experts for over a decade in the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems, burglar alarms, and various implements of theft and fire protection systems

These are some of the taglines I created for HMC Security as well:

  • Did You Know? According to the BCS (British Crime Survey – Published by the Home Office), there were an estimated 745,000 domestic burglaries in England and Wales in 2011
  • Make your home safer. Put it in our hands.
  • Every business comes with differing needs for security and communications. We evaluate and customise solutions for yours individually, based on your specific needs.
  • Evaluating security risks and management within schools, municipal buildings and community gathering areas is at the forefront of our latest developments and innovations.
  • Communication systems developed within the framework of your security system further enhance and heighten your safety.
  • The British Chamber of Commerce Survey states that the average cost of crime to every business is £8,000 per year
  • Security considerations should be an integral part of your business plan and not something done as a reaction after the event. Once a commercial property has been attacked, it is five times more likely to be targeted again.

I wrote the content for the website of Dr. Tammy Roz, a popular dentist based in New York City. under Jack Vershubsky’s purview and a freelance graphic artist, Sarah Frankel, in 2007. Dr. Roz gave great feedback, so even though it took several drafts, she was thrilled with the outcome. Here are a few examples from the links on the landing page at www.tammyroz.com:


Family Dentistry: The heart and soul of Dr. Roz’ practice.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Your brilliant smile is our first priority.

Implant Dentistry: Working together to achieve healthy and ideal smiles.

The content for the Family Dentistry page begins with this:

Family Dentistry remains Dr. Roz’ primary focus, as her love for her career and passion for emphasizing the importance of lifelong dental care drive her success: this is measured by the trust, respect and overall happiness of each and every one of her patients. Dr. Tammy Roz and her staff welcome patients of all ages to enjoy care specific to their needs. At Dr. Roz’ practice, patients’ ideas about dentistry are reborn as they discover caring, stress-free dentistry. Dr. Roz ensures that all of her patients can be easily accommodated at her ADA-compliant office: an ample parking lot and ramp directly into the office make for easy access for patients with disabilities or parents pushing strollers. The office is easily accessible by the Long Island Railroad and is directly across the street from public bus transit. Families, especially those with young children or caring for elderly relatives, appreciate her kind attention to detail and specificity in directing their care. Building trust early in life ensures better dental care and maintenance throughout the rest of patients’ lives, as any fear of dentistry is completely put at ease in Dr. Roz’s office.


I started writing for everydayreviews.net when I figured out I could review anything: almost literally just about anything. I really enjoyed writing for this site, even though the financial incentive really just wasn’t there. I was able to give my own opinion and this writing really reflects my personal tone and style for short- and long-form reviews. This was a client I worked for from 2001-2004. I even reviewed President Obama. That review and more are included below:


Sherpani is a Boulder, CO-based company devoted to the creation of fun, cute, stylish casual women’s bags. Picture a purse and a climbing backpack, and you’ve got Sherpani. What I love:

-customizable artwork insets in some of the bags

-pockets, pockets everywhere, for people like me who, if they DON’T have a pen slot in their purse, will never see that pen again

-lots of cool, different designs in comfortable, wear-almost-anywhere materials like ripstop nylon, canvas and leather trimmings

-multiple unique design lines for just about every woman out there, from fashionably sophisticated to functionally comfortable to sporty and a lot of crossover between the lines

What I don’t like: they are PRICEY. I suppose for a relatively small shop in Boulder it wouldn’t be too bad, but they’re sold at Whole Foods as well as multiple other high-end retailers. Still, I have 3 Sherpani bags (the messenger bag, pictured, and two of the nylon purses) and hope to continue to add to my collection.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

This incredible book by Barbara Kingsolver will have you wanting to uproot your lawn and install an organic vegetable garden by the time you finish reading it…or in my case, by the time you finish the 3rd chapter. Written by Barbara Kingsolver with short essays and research snippets by her daughter Camille and her husband Steven Hopp, respectively, this book chronicles one year of a family living off of their own farm: from growing all of their own produce to making their own cheese to raising and slaughtering their own animals, this family only steps into the fluorescent sweetlight and towering displays of the supermarket for a few items here and there for an entire year. Even for their own bread, which Steven is in charge of and makes supremely well, according to Kingsolver, they barter and/or buy from a local flour mill. (Given everything else they’re doing, growing and grinding and milling their own wheat, barley, etc. wasn’t really an option.) Kingsolver writes with such fervent passion that by the time I’d finished reading I was ready to see how I could make a container vegetable garden somewhere in my 400 square foot studio apartment. (I can’t, really, but I REALLY wanted to.) This is an incredible book not only chronicling one spunky, creative family’s quest to better eating but packed full of information on the Farm Bill, CAFOs, why organic gardening works so much better, the push for local and organic foodstuffs across the United States in recent decades, and more. You will get so much more out of this book than the story of the “Hoppsolvers” and their quest to live off of their farm that you’ll thank yourself for reading it. You’ll also likely start trying to come up with ways to grow YOUR own produce (if not slaughter your own chickens and turkeys and such). More power to you!

President Obama 

How does one go about, exactly, reviewing the most powerful man in the world? Well, let me tell you…he gets eviscerated just like anyone, any product, or any service would. While he isn’t technically a product or a service, he’s actually, if not literally, both. He’s the global representation of the most powerful country on the planet (product) and he executes his authority over a number of diverse matters (service). I personally think it’s high time President Barack Obama was reviewed.

To do so is to admit publicly to my opinion, so I won’t bother beating around the bush: I will be voting once again for Mr. Obama. Why? Well, to me, I’d rather have a moderate liberal with mildly Socialist tendencies in the White House than a man whose campaign is clearly anti-female, anti-progress, has had no problem shipping hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas and thinks that Bush-era tax cuts are somehow beneficial for the middle class. Obama might be a little out of touch with reality—how could he NOT be, he’s practically royalty, or at least is the American version—but as I recall it was Romney who stated, on ABC’s “Good Morning America” with George Stephanopoulos, that “middle-income” meant “$200,000 to $250,000 or less”. The median income of an American family, according to the Census Bureau, is $50,000. Now THAT’s out of touch with reality.
To get a more well-rounded scoop on our current President I utilized factcheck.org, the eponymous non-partisan website that reports on…well, issues just like these, and others of similar magnitude. So, according to factcheck.org, here are the statistical changes since Obama took office in 2009:

The good: actual job numbers are up (+325,000), as are US drilling rigs (23%) and use of wind and solar power (an astounding 116%), while our petroleum imports are down 23%. Consumer confidence is up by 86%, and the unemployment rate has remained relatively level at 7.8%. The Japanese, French, British and Turkish people look upon America favorably, while public opinion is down in Egypt and Pakistan. Despite the gun crusade’s yammering about Democrats taking away their guns, handgun production is up…an astonishing 68%. And the number of prisoners being held in Guantanamo is down by 31%. 

And the bad: Debt is bad…REALLY bad. While Obama certainly “inherited” this crisis, me, myself and I as well as a considerable number of my fellow Americans wanted to see more action on his part and less of this: debt held by the public is up 79%, total federal debt is up 52% and both real household and real family incomes are down 5%. 6.4 million more people are in poverty today than they were when Obama came into office, and there’s been a 46% increase in food stamp recipients. Gas prices have shot through the roof at a national increase of 106%. 

Regardless I think our President has done an admirable job and I have to give him an overall favorable review as he took office during a time when I’m pretty sure most Americans, if actually given a crack at the job, would’ve run screaming in the other direction. Really, consider this: your job, if offered, would be to eradicate soaring issues with healthcare and the disappearance of the middle class while putting a halt to the worst economic recession in history brought about by the leadership of a predecessor who almost single-handedly killed the global economy. Oh, and we really do mean GLOBAL recession, by the way: for the first time in history, economies are so intertwined around the world that there is no ability to isolate the recession. It’s equally concerning, and it’s everywhere. 

Still, one of the most problematic issues the President swore he’d tackle: healthcare, is the one that most disappoints me as an American citizen. Socialism is not a four-letter word, and this country desperately needs socialized healthcare…as much as it needs socialized police forces, firefighters, etc. (which, by the way, we already have in many places). Otherwise all we’re going to continue to see is healthcare costs skyrocket as pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and less-than-ethical medical practitioners continue to weave their webs…and the American public into them. Obama promised to take this one head-on and instead came out with a lukewarm, watered-down, gazillion-page proposal immediately christened “Obamacare” by the neo-cons, Tea Party supporters and the like. Healthcare is a serious issue and nobody refuses to take it seriously. Like Obama’s plan? You’re a Socialist…and a pitiful one at that. Like someone else’s plan? Who…else’s…plan? 

As this is a review of our President and not his competition I won’t get into Romney any further than I already have. I think Obama’s done as fine a job as he’s allowed himself to do without ticking off too many Washington bigwigs and political interests. And yet, I think he should take a few more chances and tick ‘em off anyway, take a real stand on healthcare and especially women’s healthcare, and then uphold his word on those issues. Because the ones who have already decided they’re voting for Romney this year after Obama in 2008 are those who see him as a great talker…and that’s about it. And being full of hot air is hardly an admirable quality in the global leader of the free world.