Who Else Gets Sick From Grass Fed Beef?

So, grass-fed beef is absolutely better for you than conventional beef.

Grass-fed beef is much leaner than conventional beef. It’s got higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins, a beneficial fat called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and 50% more omega-3s, the super high-quality fats that most of us think about getting from salmon.

Grass-fed beef is safer, too. It contains much fewer superbugs -bacteria that has become resistant to 3 or more strains of antibiotics- so it’s considered superior from a food safety standpoint.

So I love eating as healthfully as possible, and as soon as I heard about grass-fed, I was onboard. Sign me up for some goodness the way nature intended! I was totally down.

My body, however, was not.

I get horrific digestive problems and stomach cramps when I eat grass-fed. I am in total torment over this. I want to consume this stuff. I want to support the industry. It seems, however, I’m going to have to take a backseat on this one.

I can’t eat this stuff. I don’t want to spend three days in intestinal peril after having a burger I paid 3xs the amount I would pay for the conventional alternative.

Cows say “Mooo”, and I say, “Noooo”. Yes, I’m grateful this is happening. Of course I will support it. But at the end of the day my McDonald’s-and-conventional burger-raised belly is not having it. I ate too much garbage for too much of my life, and I can’t handle the premium stuff now. This sucks.

Anyone else run into this kind of problem? I know grass-fed is nothing new and yes, this idea for a post has been stewing (or maybe mooing) for awhile. I feel like I have an inferior body. I definitely don’t eat McDonald’s anymore, but I definitely chowed down on plenty of Happy Meal burgers growing up. God damn you, McDonald’s.

The omega-3s thing was, for me, the most exciting part. I could get omega-3s by eating something I already loved!!

Alas, it does not love me. Ah, well.

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